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Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Programs 

Once admitted to a program, a student is expected to register consecutively for each term and maintain satisfactory academic progress. 

Students who have interrupted their studies for at least one semester, excluding summer semester, must apply for readmission to AGMU and:

a. Have a cumulative GPA that meets the retention index;

b. Have completed the required percentage of credits of the total attempted credits;

c. Have completed any applicable period of suspension due to academic reasons, accumulated credits or for disciplinary reasons, if applicable; and

d. Fulfill the current existing admission requirements of the program of study applied to, and all other general admissions requirements that apply. 

In addition to these requirements, a student who was not in compliance with the standards of satisfactory academic progress (SAP) at the time they last attended or who was dismissed from AGMU for academic or disciplinary reasons is required to meet with their assigned Academic & Retention Counselor or Director of Retention to discuss their potential readmission application and any SAP requirements.

Students who are readmitted will be subject to the current curriculum and catalog in effect for their program of study at the time of readmission. 

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Admission steps and required documents


  1. Complete your application here
  2. You need to meet the standards of the Institutional Norms of Satisfactory Academic Progress, including evidence of the appeal granted. To download that document, click here
  3. You need to meet the current requirements of the academic program you wish to pursue.
  4. Any student being readmitted to a program must meet the curricular, policy and procedures norms applicable at the time of readmission. For information on the retention average, look for the Norms of Satisfactory Academic Progress in the institution’s catalog. To download that document, click here. 


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